Onion Skin by Olivier Ratsi

Onion Skin by Olivier Ratsi - http://www.vjstv.com/onion-skin-olivier-ratsi/

Onion Skin is a new immersive installation by Olivier Ratsi, an artist on the ANTIVJ visual label.
The first stage in the Echolyse project, which will give birth to several variations around the same concept, Onion Skin is made up of a physical dimension – a module of two walls, positioned at right angles – augmented by a projection and a 5.1 sound broadcast.
Onion Skin is a graphical work about the re-composition of time and space through a game of perspectives, both of the exhibition space itself and that of the projection canvas. Built around a progressive structure, made up of 4 parts lasting 14 minutes in total, the piece plays on the principle of repetition and scale to create a physical and hypnotic experience that opens doors onto the hidden and untouchable.
The whole experience of the installation is based on a very specific point of view. A precise position from which a new dimension is revealed to the audience by anamorphosis. The simple geometric elements (“peelings”) that seemed to be flat at first suddenly start delimiting a new space. The illusion of a new dimension within the installation slowly appears as the onion skins seem to be leaving their physical surface behind.
A 5.1 surround sound set-up accentuates the physical dimension of the installation, strengthening and playing with the impression of volume and space.

Onion Skin, an installation by Olivier Ratsi [Antivj / Fr]
Concept & visual content: Olivier Ratsi
Music: Thomas Vaquié

Management & production: Nicolas Boritch

Lawrence Le Doux - Astre

Lawrence Le Doux - Astre - http://www.vjstv.com/lawrence-le-doux-astre/

Official (low budget) music video. Entirely shot on GoPro HD Hero with a head-strap. Some hair pieces involved…
Video by Brussels’ Video Artist Antonin De Bemels
Out June 2014
Distributed Worldwide by Kompakt.

MOUTHMAN by Antonin De Bemels

MOUTHMAN by Antonin De Bemels - http://www.vjstv.com/mouthman-antonin-de-bemels/

This video is the only known document referencing the existence of Mouthman. This individual, afflicted with an extremely rare disease, saw parts of his body mutate into mouth-like features. Here, despite being completely deaf and blind, he engages in a kind of autobiographical choreography, in a fashion similar to outsider art. Do not watch this if you have any kind of digestive issues.

BIOSPHERE by Jean-Michel Rolland

BIOSPHERE by Jean-Michel Rolland - http://www.vjstv.com/biosphere-jean-michel-rolland/

“Biosphere” est une animation audiovisuelle autogénérative créée avec Processing.
Des formes biologiques naissent et meurent en génèrant des notes de musique qui reflètent le processus vital de leurs auteurs.
Les tableaux, se succèdent à l’infini sans jamais se répéter.
« Biosphere » est disponible en format .exe pour se développer à l’infini sous Windows.
“Biosphere” is an autogenerative audiovisual animation created with Processing.
Biological shapes live and die while generating music notes that reflect their vital process.
The tableaux succeed to infinity and never repeat themselves.
« Biosphere » is available in .exe to run endlessly on Windows.

warm neon birth by Beeple

warm neon birth by Beeple - http://www.vjstv.com/warm-neon-birth-beeple/

Free 1080p visual source material released under Creative Commons.
Cinema 4D project file: beeple-crap.com/resources.php
music: Washed Out – Feel It All Around (goo.gl/M0OSrH)
more free VJ clips: vimeo.com/channels/beeple
info: beeple-crap.com
daily artwork: facebook.com/beeple
twitter: twitter.com/beeple
tumblr: beeple.tumblr.com
music: washedout.net

Urban spectrum by Taras Gesh

Urban spectrum by Taras Gesh - http://www.vjstv.com/urban-spectrum-taras-gesh/

«Urban spectrum» this is experiment, an attempt to combine music and urban landscape. Recorded along the road video of the city and passed through some effects looks unusual and looks like the equalizer or musical spectrum.

Extracto 2 by VJ Santos

Extracto 2 by VJ Santos - http://www.vjstv.com/extracto-2-vj-santos/

Extracto #2
Explorando la proyección sobre orquideas.
Producción/Dirección por Mario Santos
musica de parte del EP de Extractos de Alex Hentze, Exacto # 7 (Orquídea).
Agradecimiento especial a Nora Martinez, Brenda Menendez, por su apoyo y buenos deseos. A orquídeas S&M por brindar la oportunidad de grabar en su Jardines

The Sadness And Beauty Of Lines And Dots by Emanuele Kabu

The Sadness And Beauty Of Lines And Dots by Emanuele Kabu - http://www.vjstv.com/sadness-beauty-lines-dots-emanuele-kabu/

The Sadness And Beauty Of Lines And Dots (where dots are small stones)

Drawings and animation by Emanuele Kabu
Music by Emanuele Kabu and Marcello Batelli

Thanks for the help and support: Marcello, Merlo, Laura, Mauro, Michele, Faye.

Emanuele Kabu
London / Belluno


Eye know by Hiroshi Kondo

Eye know by Hiroshi Kondo - http://www.vjstv.com/eye-know-hiroshi-kondo/

The streetlight which lights up the city.
The light draws various form.

Independent Film Project
Directed by Hiroshi Kondo (stnw.org)
Sound by Ayako Taniguchi (ayakotaniguchi.jp)

The Planets by Andy Martin

The Planets by Andy Martin - http://www.vjstv.com/planets-andy-martin/

More at andymartin.info & twitter.com/handymartian

An animated short film in twelve parts.

The individual planet animations are collected on their own Vimeo channel: vimeo.com/channels/theplanets

And the whole project is archived at illustratedaliens.tumblr.com

All Pictures, Sound and Movement by Andy Martin
Additional Voice on Planet Seven by Sarah Martin

Thanks to everyone at Strange Beast, Mum & Dad, the Wife and the Dog. All planets appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real aliens, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

DUM DITTY DUMB - Crystal Kay

DUM DITTY DUMB - Crystal Kay - http://www.vjstv.com/dum-ditty-dumb-crystal-kay/

Directors: Tani Ikeda & Laura Yilmaz


Executive Producer: Tamayu Takayama
Producers: Pete Galindo, Keri Smith
1st AD: Li Lu

DP: Jay Visit
1st AC: Gabriel Diniz
2nd AC: Michael Tubrindy

2D Lead: Laura Yilmaz
2D Animators: Ryan Gillis, Simon Wilches Castro, Oriel Berkovits, Kendra Ryan, Song E Kim
Comp Lead: Daniel Fallik
Compositor: Michael Fallik

Gaffer: Vong Chea
Best Boy Electric: Jason Booth
Electric: Dave Adams
Key Grip: Kevin Skaggs

Choreographer/Dancer: Winnie Chang

Costume Designer: Keyla Marquez
MUA/Hair: Setsuko Tate

Editor: David Schenk
Colorist: Nathan Pena

Location Manager: David Aguilar
PAs: Gwyn Martin-Morris, Tim Deal

BEHIND THE SCENES ON SET: vimeo.com/102598834


ITSU & MISAK - TRANSCENDENCE - http://www.vjstv.com/itsu-misak-transcendence/

Realtime audiovisual performance.

Sound and visual by ITSU & MISAK.

Thnx to vvvv team, vux, UNC, Fuselab, Mic Sachkov, RANINA

Moscow, 2014

When Girls Collide by Javier Longobardo

When Girls Collide by Javier Longobardo - http://www.vjstv.com/girls-collide-javier-longobardo/

Official music video for the single “When Girls Collide”.
Music band: Mum.
Album: Smilewound (Morr Music, 2013)
Director:Javier Longobardo.
3D Animation
In this wheelless road movie, the lysergic Metropolis robot wanders and dances through different scenarios generated by her mood.

En esta road-movie sin ruedas, la lisérgica robota de Metrópolis baila y pasea por distintos paisajes emocionales generados por su estado anímico.

- DirectorJ. Longobardo.
- Concept and art director: J. Longobardo.
- Story: J. Longobardo
- 3D modelling: Manu Ciborro, Angel Sandimas, Javier Longobardo, Brian Orvik.
- Sets designs: Brian Orvik, Javier Longobardo.
- Shading: Manu Ciborro, Angel Sandimas
- Rigging: Manu Ciborro.
- Animation: Karmele, Mati Benlloch, J. Longobardo.
- Motion capture: Sigtor Kildal.
- Motion capture dancers: Andrietta Papp, Frida Forsberg.
- Color: Lorena Mariscal.
- Visual FX: Manu Ciborro, Angel Sandimas.
- Editing and postproduction: J. Longobardo.
- Render supervisor: Urko Mauduit.
- Render: Renderizarte.


Javier Longobardo: http:/javierlongobardo.com
Angel Sandimas: angelsandimas.blogspot.com.es/
Karmele: karmelix.carbonmade.com/
Mati Benlloch: mati3enlloch.com/
Urko Mauduit: renderizarte.net/

Makis Mapping by ZINGY

Makis Mapping by ZINGY - http://www.vjstv.com/makis-mapping-zingy/

Création et installation du mur vidéo Mapping, composé d’une surface de 192 cylindres fixes. Ce design original à été créé pour le Gibus Club Paris.

Une création Zingy Agency 2014.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - My Club

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - My Club - http://www.vjstv.com/asteroids-galaxy-tour-club/

Directed by Ryan Staake

Production Company: Riff Raff
Executive Producer: Sarah Boardman
Director’s Rep: Joceline Gabriel
Producer: Geoffrey Morgan
1st AD / PM: Mari Stracke
Director of Photography: Carl Burke
Focus Puller: Job Reineke
2nd AC: Suzy Fownes
Gaffer: Alex Brown
Spark: Aaron Szogi
DIT: Ricardo Salvi
Art Director: Eddie Hecht
Stylist: Joseph Crone
Hair & Makeup: Holly Silius
Runners: Andreas Nirschl, Louis Fry
Post Production: Pomp&Clout
Lead VFX: Aaron Vinton
Editor: Kevin Staake